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Enclosures Mariner Canvas Company, LLC. - Cost Estimator

Power Boat Enclosures

Enclosure Panels: 

Adding an enclosure to your boat canvas can greatly extend your comfort and safety afloat. Every square inch of real estate onboard is very valuable, and our well-designed detailed enclosure will extend your living space, weather protection, and security at anchor or underway. 

Enclosure panels can be added to a hard-top structure, or soft-top canvas structure. Hard-top enclosures typically attach to the top with Keder-welt inserted into a top rail, or individual marine fasteners. Soft-top enclosures typically attach to the top with marine zippers, or individual marine fasteners. 

Materials and Construction: 

Our project enclosure curtains are made of soft clear vinyl, rigid clear vinyl, or marine mesh of your choice. The fabric borders are fully lined with Patio500 marine vinyl inside, for additional strength, cleanliness, and appearance. All edges are finished with 30ml vinyl reinforcement and matching marine binding. Protection strips of matching fabric outside and Patio500 marine vinyl lining are included for all frame contact areas. We use Gore Tenara thread exclusively because it has a guarantee against stitch failure for the life of the fabric. Other materials include sturdy YKK #10 UV zippers, Scoville stainless fasteners, and chafe/reinforcement protection of Patio500 marine vinyl or Ebinger leather where needed. 

Enclosure curtain options/upgrades include:

  • U-zip ‘smile’ or ‘frown’ windows sewn into the panel, with a YKK #10 zipper protected behind matching marine binding. This option allows you to conveniently open/close the window without needing to unfasten the curtain edges.
  • U-shaped ‘smile’ or ‘frown’ marine mesh window added to the panel, which may be permanently sewn down to the curtain, or installed with a YKK #10 zipper protected behind matching marine binding. Adding screens to a U-zip window in a clear vinyl curtain provides convenient four-season protection, without the necessity to install or store different panel types depending on the weather.
  • Basic to advanced cutouts to accommodate rigging, cleats, lines, and other obstacles.
  • Rail/Welt top attachment.