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Bimini Tops Mariner Canvas Company, LLC. - Cost Estimator

Sail Boat Bimini Tops


Bimini-tops are designed for weather protection for the user and the boat, and also to be versatile and user friendly. The canvas can be supported by a welded fixed frame, or a traditional tubing frame.

On a welded frame, the canvas is attached with lacing, individual fasteners, rail with welt, or banding trim. 

For the traditional tubing frame, the canvas is secured to tubing bows with zipped frame pockets. The number of bows needed is dependent on the top length. Design standards recommend no more than 36” between bows as measured at the centerline. 

If you’ve included a dodger on your vessel, you may also choose to add a dodger/bimini-top connector panel for full overhead coverage. We fabricate two styles of connectors. The standard is a panel made of quality marine fabric, finished with matching marine binding. The deluxe style includes a Strataglass view window and separate window cover.

Materials and Construction:

Our traditional bimini-tops are made of Sunbrella or other quality marine fabric and binding of your choice, with zipped frame pockets, double-stitched seams, and sturdy YKK #10 UV zippers. All non-laminate fabrics are cut-out and sealed with a hot-knife to prevent stretching and fraying. We use Gore Tenara thread exclusively because it has a guarantee against stitch failure for the life of the fabric. Our fabric construction techniques minimize shrinkage, and provide three layers of fabric to reinforce all frame contact areas. The frame pocket zippers are installed in the center of the underside pockets, which allows for future replacement without the need to re-stitch through the bimini-top. Our custom framing is fabricated using heavy-duty one-inch 16-gauge stainless steel tubing and quality 316 ss fittings. All eye-end fittings on the tubing are attached with ss rivets, providing additional security.

Bimini-top options/upgrades include:

  • Backstay cutout(s) with weather protection sock.
  • Standard Strataglass view window with Sunbrella cover.
  • Deluxe Strataglass view window with inside control lines to open/close the Sunbrella cover.
  • High-quality stainless side grabrails, and support stanchions. Rigid stanchions and grabrails eliminate the need for tie-down straps, and provide a solid self-supporting framework and improved cockpit access.
  • Tie-down straps.
  • Storage boot to protect the bimini-top when folded for storage.